Challenges faced by an organization while selecting Pharmaceutical ERP

Challenges faced by an organization while selecting Pharmaceutical ERP
Challenges faced by an organization while selecting Pharmaceutical ERP

The Pharmaceutical ERP system for the pharmaceutical industry is the best way to recognize and track every single raw material, goods from receipt through processing, bundling, and shipping, to the specific client location. Meta-Pharma, the best  ERP for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for manufacturers makes it easy to track lot properties while streamlining and improving other business measures like batch production, sales capacities, inventory control, purchasing, quality affirmation, accounting, and account, regulatory reporting, and so on.

If you want to implement an ERP for your pharmaceutical company. Then be sure to get answers to the following questions:

  • Can you map your manufacturing process validation?
  • Is it track retest dates?
  • Does it track the recalibration of your equipment and make them unavailable for measurement and recording?
  • Does it have print control for controlled documents?
  • Is it integrates with your manufacturing equipment?
  • Is it eBMR capable?
  • How does it help in revalidating a process to avoid human errors?
  • Has it been validates under 21CFR part II or any other system validation for manufacturing?
  • Is the QA, QC process an integral part of the manufacturing, inventory, purchase, and logistics module to ensure that QC can be triggered at any point in the supply chain?

These challenges are efficiently addressed in Meta-Pharma, which not only provides better control over the business processes but also helps manufacturing products as per cGMP guidelines. Hence, the product is one of the most suitable ERPs for pharmaceutical companies.

While picking a Pharma ERP system you should consider the two of its capacity to track each raw material from receipt through completed item delivery. Moreover, its flexibility to your extraordinary manufacturing process. Meta-Pharma ERP encourages yo  u to direct your business without the need for separate software bundles or costly customization.

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