Ways to increase productivity of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Meta-Pharma

Ways to increase productivity of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Meta-PharmaImproving processes and resources by taking advantage of manufacturing and control technology can help. An ERP software solution that can help pharmaceutical companies to track data, control processes, and automate various functions can be beneficial in this area. It consists of Batch Processing and Material Requirements Planning modules for managing all drug-manufacturing processes.

For the pharmaceutical industry, quality and safety requirements must be stringent to satisfy the health and safety of patients. Increasing competition, changing regulatory requirements, disruptive technologies, and various other factors are pushing pharmaceutical manufacturers to fast track innovation to boost their productivity and product quality.

Benefits of ERP Software in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

MetaPharma, Pharmaceutical ERP software offers the following benefits:

  • ERP systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing ensure absolute compliance to the stringent regulations
  • Eliminate risk by delivering safer products of superior quality at the right price and right time
  • Introduce new products to market faster and cheaper than competitors do
  • Real-time batch monitoring to make perfect business decisions
  • ERP software for the Pharmaceutical Industry helps in maintaining formula secrecy
  • Respond quickly to customer demands
  • Smoothen operational process flow and enhance profits
  • Enhance the quality, consistency, and speed to deliver drugs to market
  • Control costs through reduced wastage, optimum material utilization, and inventory management
  • Pharma ERP software offer end-to-end bi-directional traceability, from the raw material to the finished product

This way, ERP software for pharmaceuticals helps manufacturers streamline their entire operations and take proactive informed decisions to outlast the competition.

Ways pharmaceutical manufacturers can improve productivity

Secure data integrity and compliance 

Pharmaceutical industries are subject to strict regulations and standards and must carefully protect the integrity of their data. Finding a proficient, consistent way to do so can help these pharma industries to boost their productivity and their quality.

Maximize productivity and flexibility

Productivity refers to how much input, including time, money, and materials, it takes a business to produce a given amount of output. Therefore, efficiency is closely linked to productivity.

Improve the life of manufacturing assets

An alternative way that pharmaceutical manufacturing business can increase their efficiency is by improving the life and uptime of their machinery. Spending on high-quality tools can help companies to avoid these tools issues.

Integrate the technology 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are difficult, and the facilities hold a wide range of equipment, drugs, and systems. The production process on its own is complex, but you also have to consider the supporting equipment and the building systems. The manufacturing process for pharmaceuticals calls for a tightly controlled environment. Integrating these systems can make it easier to control the production process and environment and ensure it will be optimized to increase productivity.

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Pharmaceutical ERP: How Meta-Pharma helps to grow Manufacturing SMEs?

Pharmaceutical ERP: How Meta-Pharma helps to grow Manufacturing SMEs

Either it’s Large Enterprises or SMEs, the manufacturing segment is the backbone of the pharma industry. The manufacturing SMEs are finding it tough to produce quality products along with healthcare reforms, altering client’s needs, exact administration requirements, increasing competition, and growing market drifts. These business challenges have created a dreadful need for streamlining processes, optimizing operations, and maximizing efficiency to deliver quality products at a reduced cost. Going predictably, it’s beyond the limits of possibility. That’s where Pharmaceutical ERP comes into the image as a powerful solution.

However, many SMEs still have misunderstandings on implementing ERP systems by considering they are too small. But they are living in the biggest myth because the procedure they follow and operations they execute are not unlike large manufacturing firms. Also, they need advanced ERP solutions to enlarge and exceed the competition.

Below are top reasons which reveal that’s why SMEs can’t afford to overlook Pharmaceutical ERP system implementation:

Comply with regulatory requirements

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the highly regulated industries where lots of quality and regulatory compliances must be abiding by the manufacturers. Traditionally, ensuring compliance with FDA 21 CFR, cGMP, etc. It takes a lot of time, and sometimes, human errors are no exception that results in heavy forfeits. It can be prohibited with an ERP solution that comprises workflows, audit trails, approval controls, quality assurance, and quality control capabilities, and other several features, which makes compliance a waft for the manufacturers.

Managing inventory levels

It is perhaps the most difficult aspect for healthcare companies to deal with. It requires a lot of resources to manage stock efficiently. Meta-Pharma helps you to track inventory and prevent scrap material. It can distinguish material required for production, direct stock administration process, provide stock level reports, and set targets.

Quality Control & Traceability

Quality Control is the main point for a successful and effective ERP system. QC and QA in Pharmaceutical ERP can’t be a different “module” yet firmly incorporate with all processes of the Supply chain and Manufacturing. In the Pharma industry, the QC and QA should be inescapable across the whole ERP Pharmaceutical interaction.

Automates Batch Process

Manufacturing ERP software can automate batch processes and help operators in their work. For instance, the operator can look at the batches to standardize processes throughout the manufacturing process. While analyzing batch activity and materials can be done using automatic system checking. Product batches that require sign-off or corrective actions, the system will allow for. It will also record all activities and audits to a database, so it may refer when requires.

Traceability and transparency

Using a system to track the manufacturing of batches from raw material to the finished product will give proper traceability and transparency. It’s important if recalls are necessary, to be able to track every product as quickly as possible if problems occur – and it could be useful for audits.

Proper Document management

In the highly regulated pharma industry, it’s important to keep a record of all the information and its documentation for future analysis and audit checks. Granular audit trails require any system to utilize in an exceptionally directed industry like pharma. Meta-Pharma helps to keep the data in an organized manner that’s kept in silos to meet compliance.

While picking Pharmaceutical ERP system you should consider its capacity to track raw material from receipt through completed item delivery. And, its flexibility to your extraordinary manufacturing process. Meta-Pharma ERP encourages you to direct your business without the need for separate software bundles or costly customization.

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How Pharmaceutical ERP solutions works for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a highly regulated industry with a ton of revolutionary changes occurring in the recent past. To keep up with the continually changing market trends, changes in the medical care area, frightening worldwide competition. The pharmaceutical companies have to adjust quickly and, simultaneously guarantee that the changes are agreed upon and followed.

This can be complete by the utilization of technology and systems. Particularly, there are some of the Pharma ERP solutions which can help Pharma organizations embrace these changes. Meta-Pharma is one of them, a robust ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry integrated with the Dynamic 365 Business Central emerges as the system that controls, connects, and integrates all the departments, and internal processes, and automates all the key functions such as planning, procurement, inventory, production, and BI.

Following are the important reasons to implement Pharmaceutical ERP solutions:

Intended for Batch Manufacturing

The ERP system should be intending for the batch manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry and not “alter” for it. As there are a ton of inherent structural needs of batch manufacturing that cannot address to customization, add-on, or retrofitting a current ERP solution. ERP for pharma organizations is most suitable.

Quality Control & Traceability

Quality Control is the main point for a successful and effective ERP system. QC and QA in Pharmaceutical ERP can’t be a different “module” yet firmly incorporate with all processes of the Supply chain and Manufacturing. In the Pharma industry, the QC and QA should be inescapable across the whole ERP Pharmaceutical interaction.

Regulatory Compliance

Monetary accounting transactions are obvious, but ERP stretches out the capabilities to traceability of products through their manufacturing and distribution cycle. The ERP software should be able to pass any system approval and for associations taking into account the US FDA, it should have the ability to clear a USFDA 21 CFR part 11 approval.

Audit Trails

When and how was the information recorded, who approved it and when did anyone change it. Granular audit trails require for any system to utilize it in an exceptionally directed industry like pharma, and food.

Information Security

Information is a significant resource for any association. The pharma manufacturing ERP software boasts cluster security features, for example, access controls; information encryption, audit trails, electronic signatures, and passwords, among others.

Creation according to cGMP Standards

Your ERP Pharma solution should assist you with accomplishing compliance by helping your manufacturing process. Also, guaranteeing the record maintenance i.e., according to characterized cGMP rules.

Online availability of Data

Online availability of consolidated information is a major benefit when it comes to planning the sales strategy. Also, getting instant MIS for other business decisions. Whereas, this is applicable to any company using an ERP solution.

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Reasons to Choose ERP Solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Either it’s large enterprises or SMEs, the manufacturing segment is the backbone of the Pharma Industry. The manufacturing SMEs are finding it difficult to yield quality products amidst healthcare reforms, changing customer needs, accurate administration requirements, rising competition, and evolving market trends. These challenges have created a dire need for streamlining processes, optimizing operations, and maximizing efficiency to deliver quality products at a reduced cost. Going conventionally, it’s beyond the bounds of possibility. That’s where Pharma ERP comes into the picture as a powerful solution.

However, most SMEs still shed misconceptions on employing ERP software by considering themselves too small. But they are living in the biggest myth. Because the process they follow and operations they perform are not different than large manufacturing enterprises.  Whereas, MetaPharma breaks the myth of SMEs by helping them in finding the solution of their problem with an Integrated Pharma ERP system i.e., MetaPharma. It’ an Advanced ERP solution to outgrow, outperform and outdo the competition.

Here are few reasons to choose a Pharma ERP solution:


Seamless Material and Inventory Management

The material wastage at various levels of inventory negatively impacts business profitability. The Pharma Manufacturers aiming to reduce the cost required. Pharma ERP solution helps in controlling material wastage and monitoring inventory levels. It helps to know the material required for the production, sets goals, makes targets for procurement, and displays material management. It helps in inventory level optimization that ultimately reduces wastage to an extent.

Document Management

In the highly regulated industry, it’s vital to maintain a record of data and its documentation for future analysis, audit. The ERP solution helps in storing the data in an organized manner that’s stored in silos to meet compliance needs.

Formulation Management

The drug formula is a great asset to the pharma manufacturing SMEs, that’s if stolen, mismanaged, or lost, it becomes disastrous. Understanding the security and tracking needs of formula management, the Pharma ERP solution allows the manufacturers to document all the details associated with formula management such as the list of ingredients used, how the ingredients used, tracking the ingredient details, and storing and securing the formulas with approval workflow. Additionally, restricted access is also enabled.

Batch Processing

According to cGMP guidelines, the drugs must be manufactured in batches, in place of a disorganized way. The ERP that can easily differentiate and well-handle the various types of drug production in batches helps a ton. Also, the pharma ERP solution for SMEs excels in dynamically sizing the batches as per the specifications, performing batch monitoring activities, the ability to print BMR and MBR, and SOP’s execution.

Lot Traceability

Going conventionally, if anything goes wrong it’s difficult for the manufacturers to exact where the problem is and then take necessary actions, which hampers productivity. Also, the lot traceability feature in ERP provides a 360-degree view of Drug Manufacturing from procurement to distribution and sales, which enables the manufacturers to easily manage recall situations and make product recalls at speed if required.


The pharma ERP for SMEs is no more a novelty, it has turned into a great necessity to sustain, survive, and thrive in the fierce competition. Also, the aforementioned gives no reason to SMEs to overlook the importance of the ERP solution in the manufacturing processes. Don’t hang fire to integrate the best ERP software!

MetaPharma an ERP solution that is suitable for Pharmaceutical manufacturers contains a Quality Management System and control functionality. For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us at MetaPharma.