A Single, Unified Integrated ERP Solution
for Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors Industries

In today’s changing scenario, Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry faces lots of challenges compared to other industries. As the Pharmaceutical Industry is expanding quickly in every aspect – increasing variety of latest products, multiplicity of brands, composition, range of products, modern day storage and stability conditions, changes in drug and taxation laws on pharmaceutical products, patient counselling, services, consumer attitude etc. has resulted into an urgent need for all-in-one inclusive solution to complexity of all above essential features for pharmaceuticals industry.

Meta-Pharma solution for Pharmaceuticals offers a complete integrated ERP solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry, this Pharmaceutical manufacturing solution also helps manufacturers to be in compliance to cGMP requirements, CSOS and ARCOS reporting, FDA reporting and DEA checks for our clients, in addition to providing simple and cost-efficient process model. Being an ERP solution for pharmaceuticals industry, it understands formulation management needs and integrates with your operations to provide real-time data. This way, Meta-Pharma ERP solution for Pharmaceutical helps manufacturers streamline their entire operations and take proactive informed decision to outlast the competition.

Meta-Pharma solution comply with GMP guidelines in order to improve productivity in compliance with regulatory requirements and allows you to:

  • Have a complete view of all the business processes
  • Improved Batch Process Management
  • Ensuring Quality Control
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Access to detailed information on supplies in order to manage effectively deliveries
  • Increase flexibility and productivity during processes
  • Improve Supply Chain efficiency and Distribution
Quality Control

Streamlined Automation to Reduce Lead Times

Full Traceability for Regulatory Compliance

Cost Controls

Personalized Service & Support

Simplify Traceability in Pharmaceutical

Streamline how Pharmaceutical manufacturers share, access and collaborate across roles, departments and locations. Meta-Pharma ERP solution provides a central place to know who worked on what, when, with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature approvals and transactional audit trails. Thus, this enables the manufacturer to streamline their production with a robust system that tracks works-in-progress in real time.

Simplify Traceability


Digitization in Pharmaceutical with workflow automation

Moving from manual operations to digitalized processes is the first step to enabling quality management and manufacturing to work in sync. Regardless of wherever your team works, Meta-Pharma will automatize it for you to deliver high-quality, safe products consistent with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Seamless Integration where Mobile Handheld devices are ideal for collecting and distributing real-time information from the warehouses.

Protect against recalls

Meta-Pharma ERP solution helps you minimize risk by allowing you to manage every revision of your Bill of Materials, therefore you recognize who ordered what, when it was produced & exactly what materials used. Discover all recall information in seconds rather than days.

Protect against recalls

Key Functionalities

Cost-effective pharma solution to manage your entire workflow

Compliance & Regulatory
Compliance & Regulatory

Pharmaceutical Software helps
distributors with

  • DSCSA Track & Trace Compliant
  • CSOS & ARCOS Reporting
  • Suspicious Order Monitoring
  • License and BIN Management
  • Suspicious Order Monitoring
  • Serialization
  • Lot and Serial Number Traceability
  • Rebates & Chargebacks
Inventory Control
Inventory Control
  • Expiring inventory alerts
  • Lot & serial traceability
  • Barcode inventory for accuracy
Advanced Warehouse Management
Advanced Warehouse Management

Advanced Warehouse Management system have been a proven tool to help companies streamline warehouse operations, increase productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction.

With Mobile Handheld devices transaction processing in your warehouses become simple and quicker than ever and also data can be presented in a clear concise easy-to-read format that reduces time and speeds up operations process.

Purchasing & Planning
Purchasing & Planning
  • Reorder points & lead times
  • MRP & forecasting capability
  • PO inspections and approvals
Rebates Allowances Chargebacks
Rebates, Allowances, Chargebacks

The system automatically tracks complex rebates and chargebacks details for accurate sales management and accounting.

Third Party Integrations
Third Party Integrations
  • MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Management
  • MetaDocs - Document Management System
  • Jet Global (Previously Jet Reports)
  • Power BI
  • MetaMagento
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

In today’s extremely competitive market it is imperative that you continuously evaluate the success of the activities in which your business engages in.

Modern ERP systems are generating massive large of data and it has become crucial that companies leverage business intelligence tools to assist them simply establish anomalies that change into vital business problems, and establish trends that result in business opportunities.

Electronic Data Interchange
EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

With the EDI you can automate operations and eliminate the manual processes. It helps Pharmaceutical companies with Regulatory Compliance and Order Management by letting them informed about product availability, managing inventories, etc.

Experience the Power of Meta-Pharma Business Solution

GMP compliance
GMP compliance

Handle the key requirements of GMP compliance by enforcing the standards laws through an automated system, which ultimately results in 100% GMP Audit Clearance.

Master Data Administration
Master Data Administration

Merge and maintain an accurate view of master data within a diverse application view such as organizational, customers, items, products, process etc. Easily track the genealogy of all items while having complete visibility into your inventory and operations.


Easily track the genealogy of a product while having complete real-time visibility into your inventory and operations.

Real-time BMR BPR management
Real-time BMR BPR management

Leave aside the manual process and maintain Batch Records like Batch Manufacturing Records and Batch Packing Records process to comply with the requirements of regulatory standards.

All-In-One Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution

Our solution Dynamics 365 Business Central, available both in the Cloud and On-Premise, specifically tailored for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
With a custom pharma erp solution designed to address your business needs you get access to a collection of powerful features designed to add value.

Integrated Pharmaceutical Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution
Pharmaceutical ERP

Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning system solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business. The business applications can be extended and integrates with other Microsoft Cloud Services like Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Office 365, and Power Apps.

Meta-Pharma Solution Deployment Options

On-Premise ERP
On-Premise ERP

On-premise deployment is the traditional ERP model that customers use wherever servers are located and managed in-house by the team of experts. In-house IT team and experts manages customization, application upgrades and maintenance. However, these software functions are usually outsourced to the ERP vendor.

Cloud ERP
Cloud ERP

A cloud-based ERP system has low upfront costs. The cloud software is owned by an individual customer and is hosted on their servers. Rather than licensing the software, you pay a yearly or monthly subscription for the enterprise software system implementation service.
For Cloud ERP deployment model, you don’t own the software you simply subscribe to it and software upgrades are normally included in your subscription.

Software as a Service
Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS ERP model is a subset of the cloud deployment model. For Cloud ERP deployment model, you don’t own the software you just get the subscription and software upgrades are included in your subscription.